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14.06.2007 - Accreditation

Find information about accreditation by following this link: Guide .

06.06.2007 - New ENTOMBED track online

Click here to heare more track - besides the already released song "When In Sodom" of the same-named EP - of the upcoming ENTOMBED longplayer:

For sure this is a thrill of anticipation for their coming UFTG show !!! Old-school as fuck !!!

29.05.2007 - Darkness over the ground

EnthronedAs a pure and raw Black Metal horde Enthroned will invade Gemünden. After some line-up problems Nornagest will take care of the vocals next to his guitar job. This band did some exceeding shows in the past few years, e. g. Summer Breeze 2005 or Party.San 2005. Now it's time to show "Metalfranken" how to play fast and furious black metal!
DemonicalIt's not Black Metal but even so angry and grim. Demonical combine all this attributes on their debut album "Servants Of The Unlight". The members of this swedish old school death metal bastard are not beginners at all. Guitar player/vocalist, bass player and drummer are former members of one of the most underrated cult acts Centinex (R.I.P.). And now the founders of Demonical.

25.05.2007 - 3 more bands confirmed

Entombed The most important initiator of the Swedish death metal scene will grace Gemuenden! Hell yeah,  Entombed will perform at UFTG 2007! After genre classics like "Left Hand Path" or "Clandestine" the  band started to change their way into more sleazy and nasty rockin' regions but still going strong.  The way back to their own roots started step by step with "Morningstar", "Inferno" and the "When In  Sodom" EP. The upcoming long player "Serpent Saints - The Ten Amendments" will be available as from  June 25th.
Both of next announcements share a similar career regarding a few points. The formation of each  band hands back for much more then 10 years. After two demos a lack of communication followed  extending over several years. During this years even that demos attained cult status in the extreme  metal scene. Not until 16 years after foundation each band snatched up to release their first  official debut.

Disaster KFW

We will start with Disaster KFW (Klassischer Friedhof Weimar). Their roots reach back to the year  1985. Parts of the line-up founded Die Apokalyptischen Reiter. Not before 2001 the band released  their debut album "Därme Fressen". Therefore "Collateral Damage" is already the 3rd output during  the last 5 years. The spirit of the nativ Reiter-sound is all over to feel.

Example number two is from Sweden. Evocation perform classic, true and raw swedish death metal at  the days of early nineties. Established in 1991. At the time this band seems to be one of the  hottest newcomer in scene. But differences in musical respects put a spoke in Evocation's wheel. A  long break was the sad result. But now they are back in business. Finally this year the debut album  "Tales From The Tomb" was released. And this awsome peace of death metal sounds like this 16 years  has never passed. Fans of swedisch old-school death metal will celebrate this happening at UFTG  2007 with tearful eyes!

02.05.2007 - New UFTG shop is online!

Finally we are proud to present you the new UFTG online shop. Here you can immediately and comfortable order your tickets. Some UFTG and FINAL BREATH merchandise stuff is available as well and worth buying. All orders, never mind how much or how big, will be sent with a general shipping rate of €3,50.

You basically need to register yourselfe one-time. You'll receive your own account with an username (= e-mail adress) and a free password. Here you can find features like personalize your account, order tracking, PDF invoice print or you can cancel a wrong and still open order there.

Fell free to contact in case of any problems.

Enjoy shopping!

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Your UFTG-Team

26.04.2007 - UFTG tickets 2007


We will start pre-sales May 2nd 2007. To proceed as normal we'll offer the combi tickets for pre-sale only with the following features:

- 2 days festival 24th + 25th August 2007
- Camping from 23rd August 2007, 6h PM until 26th August 2007, 12h PM
- Charge: €34.10 (plus general dispatch)

Box office:

- Combi ticket (2 days + camping): €39.-
- Day pass each day: €24.-

Carpark tickets 2007:

During the last two years we were able to sell a hard restricted number of carpark tickets via pre-sale. These tickets were sold out quite early. Not a small number of visitors reserved a carpark ticket obviously only to play safe. Because many tickets we've have been unredeemed.
The consequence is clear: We had to reserve a place for each sold ticket until the end of the festival indeed. Visitors, which were asked for space saving camping, asked correctly for a reason.

We bother ourselves how to improve this service. To sell the carpark tickets this year box office only seems to be the best solution. This is the only choice to make sure, each sold ticket will be used. As another feature we'll provide some more green space around for visitors without a car. By this means in our opinion we can offer each visitor a parking place on our camping ground. Further on we will ask you to build e. g. a car pool and not to arrive with unneeded cars of course.

In case of any problem we will provide a service hotline, which will be available during the festival as well. We will offer the phone number and the periods to reach the hotline as soon as possible.

To explain the lift in prices (€4.- each ticket): It depends on the growing VAT in Germany from 16% to 19%. In this way we can absorb additional costs almost. As a quid pro quo we can keep steady all prices for eat, drinks and festival merchandise since the year 2000!

13.04.2007 - Scar Symmetry confirmed

Scar SymmetryA mixture between clean vocals and aggressive shouts is nothing new or unique these days. But the extreme contrast used by Scar Symmetry is few and far between. Deep Death Metal growls from hell to alternate with independent, emotional clean vocals. The instrumental musician are in the happy position to strike the right note all the times. This swedish act follows not the beaten path, but they prepare to break fresh ground. Maybe a new category as a matter of fact: Progressive Melodic Death Metal.

31.03.2007 - New bands confirmed

GravewormGraveworm are repeat offenders. Already in 2004 this Italian-Austrian union rocked Up From The Ground festival. The Nuclear Blast debut "Engraved In Black" was released in those days. 4 Years and 2 albums later as well as a constant growing fan base proves our choice. 2 Albums? That's true! Graveworm are waiting at the moment to release their follow-up of "(N)utopia". Release is scheduled for May 2007.
Grind Inc.It's not absolutely needed to approach one act from beyond the sea if you like to present a technical, brutal and grinding band on your stage. Grind Inc. from Krefeld/Germany will prove this statement at the coming UFTG festival. Assure youreself of this fact. The actual outputs "Execute" or " Inhale The Violence" satisfy everybody.

23.03.2007 - Amott will be twice in Gemüden!

Christopher surprised many by departing Arch Enemy at the end of the "Doomsday Machine’ recording sessions in 2005. Now, after about 2 years the brother of Michael is re-united with the band and he will be back on stage already in Gemünden. Welcome back Christopher!

Furthermore the band is hardly working on a new album. As Christopher tells, the new songs are fast and furious with lots of melody!

20.03.2007 - Pre-sales

At the moment we're still hardly working on a new shop solution. We hope to finish the work at least until the end of March/beginning of April. Ongoing we'll directly start the pre-sales. We'll keep you updated.