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23.08.2006 - Autograph session


Autograph session (pm)
6:15-6:45 Legion Of The Damned
6:45-7:15 Korpiklaani
7:15-7:45 Criminal
7:45-8:30 Suffocation
9:30-10:15 God Dethroned
from 11:15
Meet & Greet mit Hatesphere-Jacob


Autograph session (pm)
6:15-6:45 Koldbrann
6:45-7:15 Wintersun
7:15-8:00 Gorefest
8:00-9:00 Morbid Angel
9:00-9:30 Sinister
9:30-10:00 One Man Army
10:00-10:45 Endstille
10:45-11:30 Dismember

21.08.2006 - Tickets box office

The pre-sales are finally finished now. But don't worry, we will provide enough tickets at box office:

 - 2 days combi tickts: 35,- Euro
 - Ticket each day: 20,- Euro

All ticket prices are incl. camping fee without any other expenses.

Unfortunately the car park tickets to park directly at the camping ground (car by tent) are sold out. But it will be possible to pitch a tent on our camping ground even so. But you need to park your car on the visitors parking area near by (about 3-5 minutes to walk). The visitors parking area is for free.

Distribution of wrist-bands & evening cash point:
Thursday, 24th August 2006 – 6.00 pm.
Friday, 25th August 2006 - 9.00 am. - 11.00 pm.
Saturday, 26th August 2006 - 10.00 am. - 11.00 pm.

21.08.2006 - Final band confirmed

TOURETTES SYNDROME from Australia will fill the opening slot on friday. This band is in Germany due to promotion, in this case we will have the opportunity to present them live on stage. The presented mix of styles affects all kinds of extreme music. Also a very special feature is the female vocalist with a sometimes whispering voice or aggressive grunts and screams.

17.08.2006 - Pre-sale finished

The pre-sale just ended a few minutes ago.

In-payment on our bank account needs to be booked at least since Friday, 18th August 2006. In-payments after this point in time cannot be considered and will be refund.

10.08.2006 - New band for Friday confirmed

Hidden In The Fog

Hidden In The Fog will fill in the open slot on Friday. This very special band blows up the very tight black metal corset. All fans of demanding, dark and varied music will be enthusiastic about! 

09.08.2006 - Pre-sales, accreditation

Nächste Woche endet der Vorverkauf. Nähere Infos gibt es hier unter Tickets .

Akkreditierung: Infos zur letzten Anmeldung sowie Öffnungszeiten online.

29.07.2006 - New band confirmed

DemolitionDemolition from Austria will take place at the open slot on Saturday. Some of you should know this death/thrash combo - they supported Testament/Susperia on their last european tour 

26.07.2006 - Dawn Of Disease canceled UFTG 2006

Dawn Of Disease canceled their show for the coming UFTG festival. We will release a alternative band as soon as possible.

24.07.2006 - Carpart tickets outsold!

Sad to say the carpark tickets are completely sold out for this year 2006. Even so you can pitch your tent on our official camping ground. The festival 2-days combi ticke contains the camping fee.

You need to park your craft at our visitors parking area (well signposted) as well near the camping ground.  The footway will be about 5 minutes.

24.07.2006 - Running Order

Click Bands to find the Running Order . Subject to modifications