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Up From The Ground - Open Air Festival - Festival Guide
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Aftershwo party, party tent
From when is it possible to arrive or from when the camping ground is opened?

From when can I get my wrist-band?


Band application
Do I need a carpark ticket??
Why can I buy a carpark ticket box office only this year?
Do I need a carpark ticket for my motorcycle as well?
Am I allowed to barbecue on the camping ground?
Shower & hygiene
Do I have to pay camping or parking fees?
Photos, digital cameras etc.
Do we also have wrist-bands for one-day visitors?
Breakfast offer for festival visitors?
I'm a trader and I would like to offer my articles for sale at the UFTG
I can not find an answer for my question here

I would rather stay in a near hotel
Is it allowed to have open fire?
Can I drive on the camping ground with my van, camping mobile etc. without any problems?
Regulations for children & young people
Opening hours at the festival area?
Are bottles and other glass containers allowed?
Are spikes allowed?

Is it possible to reserve tickets?
What I'm allowed to take to the camping ground?
What I'm allowed to take to the festival area?

How much cost the food and drinks at the UFTG?
How much does a combination ticket cost?
How much does a daily ticket cost?
Are daily tickets also offered in advance?
How does the UFTG currency exchange work (coupon system)?

On Sunday (departure), how long is the camping ground opened?

Are there any autograph sessions with bands?

Do we have printed information and programmes?

Do we have wrist-bands for the entrance control?

Where is it possible to hand over or claim lost properties?

WC, toilets, hygiene, washing facilities
All about trash

The Festival Guide / Programme

Like last year, we will put a free Festival Guide at your disposal (you can find it at the cash point or at the place where you get your wrist-band). As well as some information around the event e.g. the usual Running Order, this year, you can also find a printed ground plan of the festival area, where all important places are indicated for the festival visitor.

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Arrival / Opening hours / Departure

Camping Ground arrival:
Thursday, 23th August 2007 – 6.00 pm.

Distribution of wrist-bands & evening cash point:
Thu, 23th August 2007 – 6.00 pm.
Fri, 24th August 2007 - 9.00 am. - 11.00 pm.
Sat, 25th August 2007 - 10.00 am. - 11.00 pm.

Opening hours (festival area):
Friday, 24th August 2007 – 11.30 am.
Saturday, 25th August 2007 – 11.30 am.

Opening hours party tent / beer garden:

Thu, 23th August 2007 6.00 pm -
Discothek Labyrinth DJ's, cocktail bar
Fri, 24th August 2007 6.00 am - 6.00 pm
  6.00 pm -
Discothek Labyrinth DJ's, cocktail bar
Sat, 25th August 2007 6.00 am - 6.00 pm Breakfest
  6.00 pm - Discothek Labyrinth DJ's, cocktail bar

Friday, 24th August 2007 – 12.15 am.
Saturday, 25th August 2007 – 12.15 am.

Sunday, 26th August 2007 – until 12.00 am.

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Children & young people

We also will stay with the law of protection of children and young people. That's why locally the following regulations apply.

No admittance to the event for children under the age of 8, also accompanied by persons having custody (mostly parents). Children, accompanied by persons having custody, are only allowed to stay inside the camping ground.

Children between 8 and 14 years accompanied by persons having custody are allowed to visit the event.

Young people between 14 and 16 years not accompanied by persons having custody or parental authority have no admittance to the event.
Young people between 16 and 18 years not accompanied by someone are allowed to stay for the event until 12.00 pm. After 12.00 pm. they have to leave the area, except when they are accompanied by a person having custody or parental authority.

Here you can find a downloadable form for educational assignment (PDF; 10,1 KB)

In accordance with the legal regulations about the sale of alcoholic drinks §9JuSchG, we are not allowed to serve alcohol to children. We are allowed to serve drinks with small alcohol content (beer, „Radler“ etc.) to young people accompanied by a person having custody or parental authority. Generally no admittance to the bar for children and young people also accompanied by a person having custody or parental authority.

We are only allowed to serve beer, wine and sparkling wine to children and young people under the age of 16 accompanied by a person having custody (§9 Abs. 2 JuSchG.). Serving of drinks only for children and young people accompanied by parents, persons having a parental authority are not enough!

At the beginning, children and young people will get a special wrist-band at the entrance as well as at the bar, so our crew is having a better control.
We reserve the right to send everybody off the area who gives us his wrong age or who moves his wrist-band without permission.

Official link of the law and protection of children and young people (JuSchG, German)

Admission free for children including the age of 12.

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Prices of tickets, parking lots & camping

Price for tickets in advance 31 Euro legal value added tax (VAT) included. The amount of the distribution costs comply with the ticket quantity as well as the way of distribution. For further information click Tickets .
All advance booking offices are entitled to rise a fee at their discretion, but normally (in Germany) about 10% of the sales price. It means 34.10 Euro at all.

Because of few demand, the one-day tickets will only be offered at the evening cash point each day of event for 39.- Euro (incl. VAT).

Because of few demand, the one-day tickets will only be offered at the evening cash point each day of event for 24.- Euro (incl. VAT).

Ticket reservation:
TIt is not or only in well-founded exceptions possible to make ticket reservations, because of too much administration work.

Camping fees:
Camping fees are included in the ticket price. So there are no additional costs for each person using the camping grounds. You have only to pay for all vehicles which are parking on the camping ground.

Parking fees UFTG camping ground:
You need a special carpark ticket per vehicle (not per person). The carpark ticket costs 5.- Euro box office only!

Learn more about carpark tickets...

Parking outside of the UFTG camping ground:
Parking outside of the marked camping grounds is free of charge. Thus you do not need a carpark ticket!

A tip for you concerning bigger groups of visitors with several vehicles: the visitor's parking lot is only 10 minutes walk far from the festival area, e.g. when you will come only with one vehicle to the camping ground, so you once have to pay the parking fees of 5,- Euro. Your other cars can be parked outside the area and, despite, are easily reached.

Here you can directly order your tickets...

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Camping ground structure (car next to the tent?)

To avoid missunderstanding, here you will find a short description about the camping ground. Since like 2004, we will have several lines with tents, which will be closed with parking lines on both sides. Mostly, your car will be parked very near to your tent, but sometimes it will not be directly next to the tent.There will be an unrestricted access between the camping and parking blocks.

Thus we are able to make a optimal use of this small ground and also guarantee unrestricted access for ambulance or fire engine. The blocks are very small, thus the distance between vehicle and tent is only a few meters.

Carpark tickets only box office available this year:

During the last two years we were able to sell a hard restricted number of carpark tickets via pre-sale. These tickets were sold out quite early. Not a small number of visitors reserved a carpark ticket obviously only to play safe. Because many tickets we've have been unredeemed.
The consequence is clear: We had to reserve a place for each sold ticket until the end of the festival indeed. Visitors, which were asked for space saving camping, asked correctly for a reason.

We bother ourselves how to improve this service. To sell the carpark tickets this year box office only seems to be the best solution. This is the only choice to make sure, each sold ticket will be used. As another feature we'll provide some more green space around for visitors without a car. By this means in our opinion we can offer each visitor a carpark place on our camping ground. Further on we will ask you to build e. g. a car pool and not to arrive with unneeded cars of course.

In case of any problem we will provide a service hotline, which will be available during the festival as well. We will offer the phone number and the periods to reach the hotline as soon as possible.



Carpark tickets, parking lots

You need carpark tickets only for one vehicle, which is parked on the camping ground during the festival.

For one-day visitors, there are no further fees for camping, deposit on the trash or something similar.

Also the parking lots outside the camping ground are free of charge.

For example, there are 4 persons in one car, so you have only to pay a quarter of the ticket price for one person.
Like last year, please form carpools or use public transports if possible.

A carpark ticket must be available each motorcycle on the camping ground as well.

Vans, camping mobiles, especially high vehicles etc.:
Of course therefore is a carpark ticket mandatory as well. To ensure the passage to the camping area it will be necessary to get in touch with by indicatig the height of the vehicle.

Here you can directly order your tickets...

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Autograph sessions

The autograph sessions with almost all appearing artists will be organized and carried out by METAL HAMMER. Please pay attention to the posted autograph times.

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The frequently asked questions of the past years were: „Are they have wrist-bands at the UFTG for the control at the entrance?“, or „Are they have also wrist-bands for one-day visitors?“

The answer is: „Of course, for the control at the entrance we will have wrist-bands for all visitors.“

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Directly next to the area, we will have a central Security Office for possible questions, disagreements, complaints or only if you need help.

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Search and Find

The Security Office will also be responsible for lost properties. If you are looking for lost things or if you find some valuable things, please contact the Security Office.

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WC / shower / hygiene

In 2006 at the festival area as well as at the camping ground, we will have quite more mobile toilets, which will be cleared and cleaned in between times.

Besides the mobile toilets at a central point at the camping ground we will also have flushable toilet-containers as well as washbasins filled with drinking water.

At our party tent we will setup a few mobile toilets as well, available 24h.

We won't have a shower-van. The near open-air swimming pool in Gemünden (only 10 minutes walk far from the festival area) will be a good alternative. The admission of 1,50 Euro will be cheaper than a shower-coupon at some other open-air festivals.

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For the whole festival crew as well as the community especially the residents, trash is the most unpleasant point. For several years, we have not charge fees for trash, deposit on trash or something similar.
Show us that it will furthermore works like before!

In 2007 it has to work much better!!!

We will give every visitor one or more bags for the trash (further bags are available at the cash point). The full trash bags can either just be left or handed over at the entrance. We will give you a Goodie (while stocks last) for every trash bag we receive. Please help us to keep the area as well as the surrounding countryside as clean as possible. If the worst comes to the worst, we will report the license plate of your car to the responsible town clerk's office. We have „fans for fans“ as our motto, not „fans against fans!“

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Coupon system / currency exchange

For the last 3 years, we have brought in a coupon system or a currency exchange with great success. At the final count, from this methode we have gained quite more advantages as disadvantages. It was quite easier for our helper crew, because they had not to change money. It was also quite easier for the visitors, because they had not to wait so long at the beer stand. The waiting period for the visitors for one beer was no longer than 5 minutes at most (also at the mean times). We will keep this coupon system in any case. Every coupon is worth 1 Euro and you can buy as much coupons as you want at a central cash point. At the festival area, all meals and drinks have to be payed by this coupons, thus the amounts (also for the deposit on cups) can be devided by 1. You can not pay your meals and drinks with cash.

At our party tent you can pay cash or with bons.

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Summary (abstract) of the price list

Like every year, we try to have low costs for catering as well as low additional costs. Thus we have the same prices for drinks and catering like in 2000, although the purchasing prices at wholesale trades have been increased during the last years!

Here are a summary of the price list:

beer / „Radler“ 0,4l – 2 Euro
Cola / Lemonade 0,4l – 2 Euro
Water 0,4l – 1 Euro
Mead / „Wikingerblut“ 0,4l – 3 Euro
Sausage – 2 Euro
Steak – 3 Euro
Festival guide – free of charge
„Metalmarkt“ – free of charge

(VAT included)

This year we will try to offer you quite more several meals.

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Trader's inquiries / Nonfood / „Metal Markt

Unlike last year, the festival area will have an extended „Metal Markt“. From now on, traders can make their appointment here.

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Please send your accreditation request by adding the following information to

  • Pre- and surname of each person
  • Short info about your organisation, maybe with a link
  • If available: Link to pre- and/or review of UFTG festival of the previous year. Alternative scan your report and send it as an attachment e.g. via PDF
  • If available: Link to picture gallery
  • If available: Link UFTG 2007 preview
  • Info about planned report (scope, position, etc.)
  • Photos requested yes/no?

Each request will be checked carefully. The confirmations will be sent via PDF for each person to the sender e-mail adress.

We'll reserve the right to reduce or to deny your request. But you'll get a feedback in any case. Because of the mass of requests this could take a while.

Announcement at least till 16th August 2007.

Accreditation opening hours:
Thursday, 23th August 2007 – 6.00 pm. - 22.00 pm.
Friday, 24th August 2007 - 9.00 am. - 8.00 pm.
Saturday, 25th August 2007 - 10.00 am. - 8.00 pm.

Band applications

Because of so much applications, please do not send e-mails with attached links to MP3 samples or MP3 songs. Unfortunatelly, we are not able to listen to such samples or songs.

Please send your promomaterial via CD or CD-R (2 – 3 songs are enough) together with a band information to the following address:

Up From The Ground
c/o Heiko Krumpholz
Urspringer Str. 13
97854 Steinfeld

Please do NOT send more applications for 2007!!!

Because of too much administration work, it is not possible for us to give answers to each application or to send you an acknowledgement of receipt. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Camping ground / festival area

Waffen, Feuerwerkskörper, Artikel aus Glas und offenes Feuer sind streng verboten! Gleiches gilt natürlich für Schuss- und sonstige Waffen.

Weapons, fireworks, glass equipments and open fire are strictly forbidden! The same also applies to firearms and other weapons.

If you will bring your dog for the festival, you first have to clear up. Every unauthorized trade in anything is forbidden at the whole area. Visitors can park their car directly next to the camping ground, if they are using the camping offer. All the other visitors have to use the near marked parking lots.

Festival area:
Per visitor it is allowed to bring 1l water or other non-alcoholic drinks fillid in soft packaging. Alcohol drinks, plastic bags, glass bottles, tins, cans, more than 1l non-alcoholic drinks filled in soft packaging, pyrotechnic articles, torches, weapons, belts and wrist bands with spikes or sharp spikes, chairs, stools, tapes and other recorders, video cameras, reflex cameras, professional digital cameras are forbidden.
Blankets, towels, cushions, 35 mm cameras, Polaroid cameras, digital pocket cameras, one-day cameras as well as walking- or sitting supports and seats for seriously handicapped persons which are having a special card are allowed.

Camping ground:
All kinds of drinks are allowed at the camping ground (no limit!). Tins, plastic bottles, cans and soft packaging are allowed. Glass bottles / glass containers are not allowed because of a too high accident risk. Open fire, fireworks and other pyrotechnic articles and weapons are strictly forbidden. Please do only use barbecue, barbecue pans and torches. Visitors can park their car directly next to the camping ground, if they are using the camping offer. All the other visitors have to use the near marked parking lots.

Aftershow party, beer garden, breakfast

NEW +++ NEW +++ NEW +++
For the first time we can present you just in front of the festival area a party tent incl. a little beer garden. Here you can enjoy your breakfest Friday and Saturday between 6.00 am - 6.00 pm. Together with Discothek Labyrinth (Würzburg) we will present you an alternative light program with several DJ's, a cocktailbar, snacks as well as our standard bar. Here you can celebrate your aftershow party after the headliners at UFTG main stage.

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We will create a hotel list soon. Send your questions to .

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Further information

For further information please send us the Contact form .

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